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I would love to hear about any partnership And collaboration ideas that would be a good fit for us combined!

Typically, I focus on a “post for post” ordeal, where I write a post for you to publish to your blog and promote me and my website, and I do the same for you. I typically focus on Instagram and Facebook for promotion, but have recently taken to Pinterest and Twitter as well as outlets for posting you and your story. If collaborating with me, I would expect the same for you in terms of promotion of the blog I give you as collaboration.

The focus of my blog is to share other blogger stories about mental health and daily life struggles, and the things that help them stay sane and kicking butt at life. As someone who’s worked and written about mental health for our US military and their families, including children, I wanted to continue the effort along the way and re-vamp my blog to share others’ stories and get them heard!

I am open to doing:

  • Post Swaps (or sponsored posts)
  • Product Reviews
  • Guest Post Writing for Feature
  • Event Appearance and Live Social Sharing
  • Contests and Giveaways

If you are interested in working with me on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or just leave a note here in the comments section of the page!

Mental Health Magazine

Interested in helping my start up magazine that I’d like to get rolling soon? As a contributor of $10 or more, you’ll get access to the first publication for free, free advertising spot with me for 3 months and a shout-out on social media (Instagram, Facebook Pages or Twitter) for helping out!


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  1. Definitely interested and would love to collaborate with you! Send me an email to and I can better explain!
    I’m originally from NJ! But moved to PA in 2011 to Wilkes barre/Scranton area and now out here in WA. We’re getting married back in PA though in May!


  2. Hey there! I am interesting in collaborating as our niches blend well together! My blog is entitled health and humility and I tend to write about anything in the entire realm of wellness body spirit mind what have you. Let me know if your interested the link to my blog is:
    P.S. I noticed you moved from PA…which part? I am originally from the Pittsburgh region 😁

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