Hallowed Be Thy Name.

I heard this song this weekend, and it made me think; alot. Is this what runs through our minds constantly, but yet, we don’t know? Is this what some people fear? I know if this were me… I’d think the same. I’m waiting in my cold cell, when the […]


Well, today has been interesting so far. Meeting went alright I guess; but people seriously have attitude problems here with doing this. If you don’t want to be a part of it, maybe you shouldn’t be a part of the company… That’s just my opinion really, but who […]


Two posts in one day?? This is madness! Sorry but I need to vent. I moved to Pa back in July last year. Had the help of two friends to move my things over here since my car wasn’t big enough to move everything I owned into this […]

The Misery.

There’s a song that I can’t stop singing, and it has to be one of my favorite songs I’ve ever heard by a band that is nothing less than amazing in concert. They’re from Finland, and have been over in the USA enough times for me to see […]