Photo of The Day

Photo of The Day

I’ve been a little bored these days, so I just started taking pictures of almost everything when I can. Any of you wear glasses out there? Do you know how uncomfortable it is when you forget to take them off when you sleep… I do, and it totally sucks. :]

Just Floating On By.

Well, a few weeks have passed since I’ve written. Sorry about that. Things have been going on, life gets in the way, you know the deal. I’ve been in a decent mood recently. I just found out that Chris Hemsworth from Thor and The Avengers is going to […]

My Etsy Store.

Hi all. I’m making a separate post for my Etsy store online. I know it’s popular these days and I’m selling some photographs on there. Compared to other listings of photographs on the site, my prices are very reasonable. Please have a look at the store and buy […]

I Am Human.

..and I need to be loved, just like everybody else.  Been awhile, sorry about that. So much going on with my life, work, Etsy, home life, kitties and worrying about mom and things among that fashion. I miss my best friend.. thank God she’s coming over this weekend […]